The Pottery Workshop "Titi" with thirty years of experience in the world of crafts.

Since the late 80s, Rafael and Ana with their 4 children, have achieved a wide range of pottery and ceramics products, noted for its specialization in plates for decoration. The Pottery Workshop "Titi" currently has two work centers, one on the outskirts of the town, focusing on the production of these artisans items, and one in the round of the village, dedicated to the exhibition and sale. Highlights the local situation for exposure which is right at the intersection of the round around La Rambla with the road leading to the town of Montalban, being very easy location, in addition to a wide parking area.

As for the catalog, gazpacho pieces, fruit, cheese and specialty plates. They are all self-made throughout the process, from the transformation of clay to the final decoration. Focusing on the specialty of this workshop, the plates are decorated entirely by hand, a feature that makes this a unique and original plates.